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(Last Updated: 24 March 2024)

Part 12

Grammar or Grammer: Which One Is Correct?

Grammar refers to the set of patterns and principles governing the structure of a language, including the way words are used, combined, and punctuated to convey meaning. 

Does the Word Grammer Exist?

Grammer is a common misspelling of grammar. However, it is important to note that the word Grammer does exist as a surname for some people. Some notable examples include Kelsey Grammer, an American actor best known for his role as Dr Frasier Crane in the television series Cheers and Frasier; Camille Grammer, an American television personality and model who appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; and Billy Grammer, an American country music singer and guitarist known for his hit song Gotta Travel On.

Why Do So Many People Misspell the Word Grammar?

One possible reason the misspelling grammer is so common is that it is a phonetic spelling of the word grammar. English spelling can be difficult partly because there is no one-to-one relationship between spelling and pronunciation. Two words with different spellings may sound the same, and the same word can sometimes be pronounced in two different ways. As a result, people may spell words based on how they sound, rather than according to proper spelling rules.

Another possible reason is that some people may not have been taught the correct spelling of the word or may have learnt the incorrect spelling from others.

No matter the reasons, it is essential to note that using the incorrect spelling of a word can lead to confusion and miscommunication, so it is always best to use the correct spelling whenever possible.

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Examples from the Media

Grammar, punctuation and sentence structure will be at the heart of the new curriculum to help students better express complex ideas and clear sentences. Daily Mail (2022)

Kayte Walsh and Kelsey Grammer were married Friday on the stage of the Longacre Theater on Broadway, where Mr. Grammer until recently was one of the stars of "La Cage aux Folles." —The New York Times (2011)

Other Real-World Examples of Misuse

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