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(Last Updated: 24 March 2024)

Part 2

1. The continuous form ('are having') is unacceptable. Have is a non-continuous verb when it means 'to possess' or 'to own':

I have a car.
I am having a car.

Sam has twenty dollars.
Sam is having twenty dollars.

Susan has lots of friends.
Susan is having lots of friends.

Do you have a calculator?
Are you having a calculator?

Anna has a pleasant personality.
Anna is having a pleasant personality.

Have can be continuous only when it expresses an action or an experience:

We are having pizza for lunch.
They are having a meeting now.
I'm having so much fun right now.
Tom was having dinner when I called.
Susan was having nightmares for many weeks after the accident.

2. We can relax our muscles, but we don't 'relax ourselves'—the verb has no object in that case:

Just sit down and try to relax.
Just sit down and try to relax yourself.

After a hard day at work, I just want to relax.
After a hard day at work, I just want to relax myself.

Chris finished his work and then relaxed in the sun.
Chris finished his work and then relaxed himself in the sun.

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