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(Last Updated: 26 December 2022)

Discuss or Discuss About: Which One Is Correct?

Discuss is a transitive verb, and therefore it takes a direct object. It is never used with the preposition about:

Let's discuss the pros and cons of playing video games.
Let's discuss about the pros and cons of playing video games.

You should discuss this problem with your lawyer.
You should discuss about this problem with your lawyer.

Instead of discuss something, you can also say have a discussion about something or talk about something:

We should have a discussion about this topic.

We should talk about this topic.

Examples from the Media

Cabinet will meet early Monday morning to discuss easing COVID-19 restrictions in the province, sources say. —Toronto Star (2022)

An attempted coup led by former party chairman Grant Shapps has fizzled out, but the Sunday Times claimed that at least three cabinet ministers had discussed the need to replace the prime minister on Thursday evening, the day after her conference calamity. —The Guardian (2017)

There has been much discussion about the feasibility of an isolation policy with the aim of reducing the spread of Covid-19. —South China Morning Post (2022)

Overall, migration accounts for about 46 per cent of Sydney's growth. So we should not ignore a discussion about whether our overseas immigration levels are set at the right levels or geographically well-targeted. —The Sydney Morning Herald (2018)

Real-World Examples of Misuse

1. The verb discuss is never used with the preposition about.
2. The noun conversation is countable when it refers to a talk between two or more people. The indefinite article a is required.

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