Frequently Asked Questions

Private or small-group tailored English lessons

What level of students do you teach?

I teach students of all ages and at all levels.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson lasts 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours, depending on the student's preference.

Are the lessons delivered in person or online?

I offer both modes of instruction. Students have the option of taking their lessons either at my office in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, or online via Zoom or Skype. This provides them with flexibility.

How many students are in each group?

Each group consists of 2 to 3 students. The number is kept low so that I can pay individual attention to each student, thus ensuring teaching quality.

For small-group lessons, do I have to find my own partners, or will I be assigned to an existing group?

Students need to form their own groups.

Do students in the same group have to be studying at the same level at school?

Typically, students who take lessons together are at the same level and attend the same school, which is ideal as the lessons can be more closely aligned with their school syllabus. However, this is not a requirement.

What is a typical lesson like?

Each lesson typically begins with a review of past topics learnt and corrections made. I keep a comprehensive record of each student's problem areas in order to help them overcome those difficulties. This is followed by teaching new topics and giving students feedback on their submitted homework. Towards the end of each lesson, there is usually a discussion session on various topics, conducted entirely in English. Please note that this is only a rough guide as my lessons are 100% tailored to each student's needs. The exact content of each lesson varies depending on the student's learning goals and preferences.

What time slots can I choose?

Please contact me for my current availability.

Are the lessons taught in English or Cantonese?

Lessons are delivered either completely in English or in English supplemented with Cantonese, depending on the student's current level and preference.

I'm hoping to take regular courses with a fixed syllabus rather than private lessons. Do you offer them?

The only regular course that I offer at the moment is the pronunciation course, Practical English Phonetics and Phonology for Cantonese Speakers. Other courses will be available in the future.

Do you teach grammar only?

Even though my business is called Mastering Grammar, I teach all aspects of English. Areas that I specialise in include grammar, pronunciation, academic writing, and exam preparation.

Have you ever taught students from my child's school?

Please click here to view the full list of schools attended by my past and current students.