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(Last Updated: 6 February 2024)

Mention or Mention About: Which One Is Correct?

When using the word mention as a verb, we do not use the pattern mention about something; instead, we simply say mention something. Mention is a transitive verb, which means it takes a direct object (the thing being mentioned). It is not used with the preposition about:

✅ The teacher mentioned the importance of punctuality.
❌ The teacher mentioned about the importance of punctuality.

She didn't mention her divorce when we talked earlier.
She didn't mention about her divorce when we talked earlier.

He'll mention your achievements in his speech.
He'll mention about your achievements in his speech.

Did he mention why he was late?
Did he mention about why he was late?

She mentioned seeing you at the Christmas party last night.
She mentioned about seeing you at the Christmas party last night.

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Examples from the Media

They mention the raises are unacceptable. They mention the economic conditions in Alberta. They mention how bad it would look. Edmonton Sun (2015)

During her leadership campaign Liz Truss said little about net zero, while appealing to anti-green Tory members by insisting that she didn't want to see farmers' fields "full of solar panels". Nor was delivery on net zero among Rishi Sunak's five priorities, which he listed at the start of the year. In fact, he has barely mentioned the issue since becoming leader. The Guardian (2023)

It's worth mentioning the problem of corruption, which is often linked to conflicts of interest. The Sydney Morning Herald (2005)

President Biden has not mentioned life expectancy in his remarks, according to a review of public statements. The Washington Post (2023)

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