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Interview or Interview With: Which One Is Correct?

Interview can be used as both a verb and a noun. When used as a verb followed by the person or people being talked to, do not use the preposition with:

I interview candidates for our company every Monday. 
I interview with candidates for our company every Monday.

Susan used to interview celebrities for a living.
Susan used to interview with celebrities for a living.

The reporter is currently interviewing the witness for the breaking news story.
The reporter is currently interviewing with the witness for the breaking news story.

Interview with someone is correct only when interview is used as a noun:

Every Monday, I conduct interviews with candidates for our company.

Susan's job used to involve conducting interviews with celebrities.

The reporter is in the middle of an interview with the witness for the breaking news story.

Examples from the Media

The ITV journalist handpicked by Prince Harry to interview him about his new book Spare used the furore over the memoir being leaked to plug his own novel—ahead of the full interview airing on ITV tomorrow night. —Daily Mail (2023)

Adam Bryant has interviewed 525 chief executives through his years writing the Corner Office column. —The New York Times (2017)

Posner undertook dozens and dozens of interviews with Cohen's relations, friends, sometimes even Cohen himself, and quotes them directly—creating a unique oral history, as if they're in a room together, sharing memories and stories, going right back to his early life in Montreal, and even earlier, to understand the context in which he grew up. —Toronto Star (2020)

Aaron Smith opens up on family, rugby influences and his love for the Highlanders in a wide-ranging interview with Rugby Chat host Paul Dwyer. —Otago Daily Times (2023)

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