John Lee's Speech on 3 May 2022

1. We cannot use the present perfect ('have been taught') to talk about a finished time. In this case, the teaching took place when Mr Lee was a secondary school student.

We use the past simple to talk about things that took place at definite times in the past:

I took piano lessons when I was six.
I have taken piano lessons when I was six.

2. Don't say mother secondary school. If you were to say this, people would likely misunderstand and presume that you were saying mother's secondary school.

3. One of means there is more than one, so we must use a plural noun ('reasons') after it:

This is one of the reasons why I like Hong Kong.
This is one of the reason why I like Hong Kong.

4. The present perfect ('have been') should be used. We use the present perfect to talk about something that began in the past and still continues now. Mr Lee joined the government 45 years ago and remains a member to this day.

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