Sunday, 12 August 2012

It is essential that we not battle?



Moreover, my newfound spirituality made it essential to me that we not battle. 



我相信令他迷惑的是句子末端的 'that we not battle'。這句子運用了 subjunctive mood 的寫作手法。以上句子最自然的寫法是:

Moreover, my newfound spirituality made it essential to me that we should not battle. 

留意句子中的 'should';這個 'should' 在 subjunctive mood 的應用中會被略去,從而變成問題中的句子。'...that we not battle' 是很正規的寫法;隨便一點,用現在式寫成 '...that we do not battle' 也是可以的。

由此可見,'...that we not battle','...that we should not battle' 和 '...that we do not battle' 全都是正確的寫法。

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