Tuesday, 22 May 2012

So what's your occupation?


What is William Shakespeare's occupation? (其實問題應該是 "What was William Shakespeare's occupation?",因為莎士比亞已經去世;但無論如何,這並不是重點。)


William Shakespeare's occupation is a playwright. 


問題是只有一個人才能是一位劇作家 (playwright),而職業本身並不能。所以答案應該改為: 

William Shakespeare's occupation was that of a playwright. (that of a playwright = the occupation of a playwright)

我們需要用 "that" 去代表 "occupation" 一字。


William Shakespeare was a playwright. 
William Shakespeare worked as a playwright. 


I am a salesperson.
I work as a salesperson.
My occupation is that of a salesperson. 


My occupation is a salesperson.

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