Sunday, 22 April 2012

Make a scene 和 make the scene 有分別嗎?

一個人當著眾人面前大哭大鬧,我們可以說這個人在 "make a scene":

Peter made a scene when he saw his girlfriend hanging out with other guys.  (當 Peter 看見他的女朋友跟其他男生一起外出,他當眾大吵大鬧起來。) 

Edison bumped into Nicholas and made a scene by having a fight with him.  (Edison 偶然遇見 Nicholas,便大吵大鬧和跟他打架起來。) 

Sylvia always gets what she wants by making a scene.  (Sylvia 經常用大哭大鬧的方式去達成她的目的。) 

I've told you not to make a scene!  (我早就跟你說過不要當眾大吵大鬧!)

"Make the scene" 的意思可不同了;它的意思是「露面」: 

If he doesn't make the scene today, I'll never talk to him again!  (如果他今天不露面,我永遠再不會跟他說話!) 

Are you sure you'll be able to make the scene?  (你確定你能到場嗎?)



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