Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wink 和 blink 有分別嗎?

最近有一網友問 "wink" 和 "blink" 的分別在哪裡。

"Blink" 就是「眨眼睛」的意思;眼睛作出一開一合的動作,就此而已: 

The glaring sun is killing my eyes!  I can't stop blinking.  (刺眼的太陽令我不斷眨眼睛。) 

When he lies, he does not even blink.  (他說謊不會眨眼。)


He finished the work in the blink of an eye(= He finished the work in a very short time.)

跟 "blink" 不同,"wink" 的意思是「打眼色」: 

Vladimir Putin gave the man next to him a wink.  (普京向他身旁的男人眨眼示意。) 

Fletcher has the habit of winking at girls in his class.  (Fletcher 習慣向班中的女生使眼色。) 

和 "wink" 相關的 idiom (慣用語) 有 "a nod and a wink",意思是「心有靈犀,一點就明」: 

Jeff and Chen knew each other so well that all things could be done by a nod and a wink. (Jeff 和 Chen 二人心有靈犀,凡事一點就明。)

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