Saturday, 24 March 2012

"It was" 的縮寫是什麼?

"It is" 的 contraction (縮約形式) 是 "it's": 

It's raining now.  (= It is raining.)

"It has" 的 contraction 也是 "it's": 

It's been raining for two hours.  (= It has been raining for two hours.)

那麼 "it was" 的 contraction 是什麼呢?  

在古代英文裡,"it was" 可以被縮寫成 "'twas": 

'Twas raining.  (= It was raining.) 
'Twas thy love that brought us together.  (= It was your love that brought us together.)

但在現代英文裡,"it was" 並沒有 contraction;"'twas" 這個字已被淘汰了。 

換句話說,"it's" 可以是 "it is" 或 "it has",但不能是 "it was"。 

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