Wednesday, 25 January 2012



今天有一個學生在網上問我「鼻屎」的英文怎麼講?學校只是教了「流鼻涕」是 "a runny nose",「挖鼻孔」是 "picking noses",卻沒有教「鼻屎」和「耳屎」這類比較不文雅的詞語。

「鼻屎」的英文是 "booger",而「鼻涕」的英文則是 "snot"。如果你想說「請你不要挖鼻孔和把鼻屎到處彈!」: 

Please stop picking your nose and flicking your boogers everywhere! 

"To flick something" 就是「用手指把東西彈出去」的意思。


For God's sake, don't wipe boogers on me! 


You're already twelve and it's time you stopped flicking boogers everywhere! 

「流鼻涕」除了可以說 "a runny nose",也可以說 "a snotty nose" 或 "snotty-nosed"。"Snot" 是鼻涕,而 "snotty" 是 "snot" 的形容詞,意思是「流鼻涕的」或「充滿鼻涕的」。一個流鼻涕的男孩是 "a snotty boy",而一條充滿鼻涕的手帕就是 "a snotty handkerchief"。注意有些人認為 "snot" 這個字粗俗;文雅的說法是 "mucus"。


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