Saturday, 24 September 2011

用 verbs of sensation 作句時應注意之事項

Verbs of sensation,又名為 verbs of perception,是指那些和我們知覺(如聽覺,視覺,觸覺等)相關的動詞。它們包括:watch, see, observe, listen, hear, smell, feel, notice, etc

用 verbs of sensation 作句時,學生常犯如下面的錯誤: 

I heard her played the piano. 

因為見到 "hear" 用了過去式的 "heard",就以為句子中所有動詞都要用過去式。

請記著,verbs of sensation 隨後的動詞,我們用原形動詞 (bare infinitive) 或現在分詞 (present participle) 來帶出。


I smell something burning!
She heard him call her earlier today.
I see him passing the post office every day.  
He saw me leave the house.
The policeman saw him steal from the shop.
I felt the ground shaking.
They beheld stars shining in the sky.


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