Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sometime 和 some time 有分別嗎?

"Sometime" 和 "some time" 意思上並不相同,但因為它們實在太相似,很多人(包括母語是英語的人)都把它們搞混了。

"Sometime" 的意思是「在某時」。我們用 "sometime" 來表達一個尚未確定的時間。 

I'll see him sometime next week.
(= 我會在下個星期的某個時候見他。) 

We'll go to Japan sometime in December.
(= 我們會在十二月的某個時候去日本。) 

They saw Leehom sometime last year.
(= 他們在去年的某個時候遇見王力宏。)

"Some time" 的意思是「一段時間」。 

I took some time to sweep the floor.
(= 我用了一段時間去掃地。) 

Cleaning the entire house will take some time.
(= 把整間房子打掃乾淨需要一段時間。) 

It has been quite some time since I last saw Leehom.
(= 自從上一次遇見王力宏至今已有一段日子。)


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