Friday, 30 September 2011

如何正確地使用 possessives

我們用 possessives 去表達人或物的所屬關係,譬如說 "my dad's car", "the man's shoes", "the leg of the desk" 或 "the floor of the house"。

  • the car of my dad
  • the shoes of the man
  • the desk's leg
  • the house's floor
要表示人或生物的所屬關係,我們會用 apostrophe ('s) 帶出:
  • the boy's computer
  • Mr Lee's house
  • Sally's dress
  • the dog's tail
如要表示死物的所屬關係,我們則用 of 帶出:
  • the roof of the house
  • the tyre of the car
  • the lid of the bottle
  • the top of the desk 
  • the waters of the Pacific Ocean


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