Friday, 2 September 2011

Economic 和 economical 有分別嗎?

"Economic" 和 "economical" 看上來非常相似,很多人因此把它們混淆了。

Economic 的意思是:經濟上的,經濟學的。它是一個形容詞,來自 economy 這個名詞。例子有:

economic issues = 經濟問題
economic growth = 經濟增長
economic development = 經濟發展
economic climate = 經濟形勢
economic depression = 經濟蕭條

e.g. They bought a second-hand car for economic reasons. 

那麼 economical 呢?

Economical 的意思是:實惠的,節約的,節儉的。例子有:

an economical car to run =  省油的汽車
an economical use of time = 節省時間
an economical housewife = 一個節儉的家庭主婦

e.g. It would be more economical to buy more things in one go.


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