Tuesday, 9 August 2011

把 "It is time...." 改寫成 reported speech

大概半個月前,我跟大家講過如何用 It is time 作。如果已經忘記了,請先復習一下:


如果考試遇到問題要把這種句子改成 reported speech / indirect speech,應該怎辦?


"It is time you sold the house," said Peter. 

我們可以把它 report 成:

Peter said it was time I sold the house. 

請留意,我們只把 "it is time" 中的 is 改成 past tense (was),而 sold 就不變。這裡的 sold 不是真的 past tense,而是 unreal past tense / past subjunctive,所以維持不變。


Jeremy said, "It's time we started working." 
= Jeremy said that it was time they started working.
(請留意: we --> they) 

"It is high time you stopped being stupid!" said Jason.
= Jason said that it was high time I stopped being stupid. 

"It's time the government did something to help the poor," she said.
= She said it was time the government did something to help the poor.


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