Sunday, 14 August 2011

Don't end a sentence with a preposition!


A: Where's the theatre at? 

B: My good man, don't you know that one doesn't end a sentence with a preposition? 

A: Well, where's the theatre at, jackass? 

[Note: a jackass = a stupid person]

的確,在 formal English 裡,我們不要把 preposition 放在句尾,除非那 preposition 屬於 phrasal verb 的一部分,例如 take off (起飛), carry on (繼續) 和 win over (說服)。


The plane has taken off. 

這句話沒問題,因為 preposition "off" 屬於 phrasal verb "take off" 的一部份。


Peter is the person I played with.    

在 formal English 裡,我們應該把它寫成: 

Peter is the person with whom I played.    

當然,如果是會話式英文,Peter is the person I played with 這句話就沒有問題了。


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  2. HI, thanks for the explaining that, but I am just wondering that "play with" is also a phrasal verb, so it is allowed to end with a preposition according to your explanation. Could you explain on that? Thanks!