Sunday, 21 August 2011

Conditional Sentences 練習題 (1)

同學們,做一些有關 conditional sentences 的練習題吧!

1) If I were rich, I _____ (travel) round the world.

2) If you had gone to the museum yesterday, you would _____ (see) my friend.

3) If she _____ (be) hard-working, she wouldn't have failed the test.

4) If I _____ (be) a millionaire, I would quit my job.

5) If they _____ (have) the money, they would have bought that house.

6) If I _____ (pass) this exam, I'll go to the University of London.

7) If the baby _____ (be) a boy, we're going to name him Peter.

8) I'm not going to give her money.  If I _____ (give) her money, she would spend it all.

9) If she _____ (pay) me today, I'll have enough money to buy the jacket.

10) If I can find a cheap room, I _____ (stay) a week.

11) If I _____ (work) all night I _____ (finish) in time; but of course I'm not going to work all night.

12) If I _____ (see) a lion walking in Times Square, I _____ (scream).

13) He was sent to jail because he killed someone.  If he _____ (not kill) someone, he _____ (not be) sent to jail.

14) I didn't bring a map and I got lost.  If I _____ (bring) a map, I _____ (be) all right.

15) If Quincy _____ (refuse) to help us, we'll have to manage without him.

16) You can ask for a vegetarian meal if you _____ (not want) to eat meat.

17) Had I known that you were still reading those newspapers, I _____ (not throw) them away.

18) Jeremy died in a car accident.  If he _____ (drive) slower, he _____ (be able) to prevent the accident from happening.

1) would travel 2) have seen 3) had been 4) were 5) had had 6) pass 7) is 8) gave 9) pays 10) will stay 11) worked, would finish 12) saw, would scream 13) had not killed, would not have been 14) had brought, would have been 15) refuses 16) do not want 17) would not have thrown 18) had driven, would have been able


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