Sunday, 7 August 2011

Although 和 though 有分別嗎?

Although 和 though 的用法有一些分別。

Although 和 though 都解作雖然,但語氣上 though 比較隨便,較常用於口語,譬如說: 

Although/Though Cecilia is ugly, I like her just the same. 

有學生跟我說,他們學校的老師說不可以把 although 放在句子的中間,必須把它放在句子開頭。我不知道他有沒有記錯老師的話,但肯定的是,although 絕對可以放在句子中間:   

Mr Li is very stingy, although/though he is very rich. 

還有,我們可以說 even though,把 even 加到 though 之前,以加強語氣。我們不可以說 even although!

Though 可以有不過的意思。譬如說: 

Mr Li is very rich.  He's very stingy, though. 

意思上跟 however 一樣: 

Mr Li is very rich.  He's very stingy, however. 

Although 就沒有這個用法。

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