Saturday, 27 August 2011

容易用錯的字:alot, a lot, and allot

Mr Li has alot of money. (wrong!) 
There are alot of apples. (wrong!) 
I've written alot. (wrong!) 

切記,"alot" 這個「字」並不存在。"A lot" 才是正確: 

Mr Li has a lot of money.
There are a lot of apples.
I've written a lot. 

至於 "allot" 這個字,它跟 "a lot" 完全沒有關係。它的意思是「分配,分派」:

Everyone completed the task within the time allotted.

"They must allot us more space!" said Chicken.

We have been allotted $1000.


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